Our Ambition is  offering „IEmobility-Integration“  international with  value adding consulting.  Smart, intelligent with fast benefit for our clients and partners.   Synergy and integration  (if possible supplier independent)  „best of“ for each case.

Please do not hesitate to contact:   solar att  edigroup dot de  or/and  Fax  +49 6201 39 12 39
NDA on demand

+++ Solar to go   Plug IN (c)        => Solar2go as plugin -modul
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Mounting, Prices, UPS (uninterrupted power supply unit)+Akku, Batteryinfo   on request.

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Factsheet  please @  => pv2go att edigroup DOT de

Together with the pv2go & solar2go (c) PLUG IN module, PLUG IN battery forms a PV system easy-to-work with 100% equity share in electricity use without feeding into the grid and thus without EEG.(c)   German Solar Price 2015 German Solar Price